The Air Land Emergency Resource Team (ALERT) began in 1994 as the vision of a home school father. He recognized that many young men lacked not only a sense of purpose and direction, but also the attitude of servant-hood that Jesus Christ had commanded His disciples to maintain. This father also observed that government entities were often taxed beyond their limits when significant natural disasters struck, or when other large-scale needs presented themselves.

Training for Service

The concept  of ALERT involves training which integrates a young man’s natural desire for adventure with developing an attitude of Christ-like service.  Concurrent opportunities allow students to put their training into action, by making well-organized teams available to respond at the request of government officials in the event of natural or man-made disasters.

Our Goals

The ultimate purpose of ALERT training is twofold: First, we provide a platform whereby Christian young men can rapidly mature, develop a Christian service mindset, and learn practical life skills. Second, we supply teams of trained, eager men to serve those in need in times of disaster and crisis. As both of these goals are realized, Jesus Christ is honored and doors for the gospel are opened.


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