ERT FireFighting

During firefighting week of ERT, Responders take classes and participate in practicals that expose them to the basics of firefighting and prepare them for future service.

Men gain hands-on experience using fire extinguishers.

Gaining confidence using self-contained breathing apparatus, men travel through an obstacle course. This course simulates many fireground activities, including carrying hoses, heavy fans, climbing ladders, ventilating roofs, moving heavy objects and traveling through constricted areas.

Ladder exercises include victim removals by firefighting students.

Using different size diameter hoses and types of nozzles, men work with various handlines. Students must learn to control the nozzle reaction and how to maneuver with them as a team.

Master stream devices allow hundreds of gallons to be discharged per minute over long distances.

Vertical ventilation through a roof structure is practiced by ALERT men using power saws and hand tools.

Performing search and rescue inside a fogged building provides valuable experience for the low visibility situations they will encounter inside a structure fire. Victims must be located and removed from the building successfully to complete this exercise.

As part of a final scenario, ALERT men are faced with a live vehicle fire that they must extinguish.

Working together to apply the skills learned throughout the week, fire companies quickly knockdown and work to overhaul the involved vehicle.


  1. Jeremy T. McKenna says:

    I just learned about the Alert Academy training program. I would like more information concerning EMS, firefighting training. Thanks for adding me to your contact list for updates and information. God Bless this program with His presence.

  2. Hannah Pittelkow (sister to Responder Joe Pittelkow) says:

    Hey – I think that’s Joe – the “vicitm” in the fourth picture! =) (of course, it very well could not be him… it’s hard to tell when he’s got a huge yellow helmet on his head…)

    It’s been a blessing to be able to see photos of him during his ERT training. Thanks so much!

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