Deployment to Haiti for Earthquake Relief

crumbled building

One of the many crumbled buildings the men viewed on the trip.

On February 15th 2010, 14 ALERT men were deployed to Haiti to assist Friend Ships ( transport relief supplies to Haiti. The men boarded M/V Integrity, to sail down to Haiti and they were assigned various roles while on board as well as helping out wherever they were needed while on ground in Haiti. And if you would ask any of the men to sum up the deployment in one sentence, they would tell you that it was one big answer to prayer.

The men left ALERT and drove to Miami, where they assisted in the preparation and loading of cargo and other duties for several days before the ship left port. Once they arrived in Haiti, the men assisted around the site as well as getting involved with a local Haitian hospital, which was the only private, Christian hospital in the country. They were also able to go out on mobile clinics, which traveled to an  orphanage and a city called Carrefour. And a major highlight of the trip was the team was able to assist with the delivery of Esther.


The M/V Integrity, a 180 foot long, renovated fishing vessel, which took the men to and from Haiti.

Engine Room

The men  were assigned various jobs while on the ship. They took watches in the engine room, the bridge, and worked on deck, in the galley (kitchen), and as stewards as well.

razor wireOnce the men were on land, they helped Friend Ships and Samaritan’s Purse in whatever way they could, whether it be digging holes for a foundation or putting up razor wire around the site.

The medic group

The Medical Team’s mission was to perform routine check-ups on orphans while also assessing for more serious, underlying conditions.

JoshThey had fun with the kids, and even taught one how to take a blood pressure.

Baby Esther with group

The Medical Team was able to assist in a birth of a beautiful Haitian Girl. Here is a picture after the birth, with some members of our team, a Canadian labor & delivery Nurse, and a Haitian Nurse.

Baby Esther portrait

The medical team was honored with the opportunity to name the baby. They decided on Esther, (for such a time as this) for she was born at a crucial time in Hatian history and their prayer is that she would grow up to be a voice for her people.

The trip was a time of seeing Haiti’s poverty, pain, and how corrupt the nation really is. However, God’s power and love is always present there. At times it seemed that evil and corruption would triumph but God’s power always triumphed.

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  1. Michael and Kim Scherer says:

    Thank you so much for continuing to post photos and information. The deployment team did a great job and filled a vital role in serving the Haitian people. What a wonderful and eye-opening experience the men must have had!
    Keep up the great work!

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