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Unit 55 Week Seven

This past week Unit 55 entered into what is known as Navigation/Medical week. During this week the men are put to the test on all of the hands on skills they have learned up to this point in Basic Training. Night and Day the men participated in skills testing from lashing, navigation, first aid, ropes and pulleys, and search and rescue.




















Unit 55 Week Six

The Unit participated in Land Search and Rescue Training this past week with both classroom and field application.  The men practiced working as teams to cover a designated area in search of different objects. This training will be applied later on in Basic Training as well as in future ALERT Training.


The Men prepare to do a Tight Grid Search.

13113315_10153653296988182_603118094_o (1)

The Men practicing a Loose Grid Search



Once a quick passing Search has been completed the men go back through to comb the area more thoroughly looking for evidence  (i.e anything that does not belong in the environment in which they are searching)  In this case they are looking for bullet casings.

13120742_10153653296223182_147149449_o (1)



The Men had more classwork on Land Navigation. They learned and practiced how to use the process of Triangulation on the map to find their approximate location.



The men find to different points on their maps that they can recognize. They shoot an azimuth to those points, take the back azimuth of those points and drawing lines from those locations one can  determine one’s general location.



Unit 55 Twelve Hour Hike

The Unit Completed their next challenge as they took on the Twelve Hour, Thirty Mile Hike last Thursday.






Senior Drill Instructor MSgt. Hawley leads the way through the wooded trails.


Rain or Shine the Unit presses onward.


The Unit Taking a break at the Half way point.



The Unit at the end of the long march!


Ending at a Water Reservoir the Unit is addressed by Commanding Officer Capt. Pendergast on a job well done.


Unit 55 Week Four


This week the Unit participated in Knot tying, Lashing, Mechanical advantage using ropes and pulley’s, and more Navigation class.




Alpha 1st Squad plots their course and heads off on a Squad Navigation Hike.

12991969_10153613621158182_36664786_o  12986762_10153613620218182_194357723_o


Senior Drill Sgt. MSgt. Hawley instructs 2nd Platoon in the use of ropes and pulleys to construct a system to move heavy objects such as a car up an embankment.





The Unit is called out to participate in their first Night Hike.

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Unit 55 Week Three

The Unit participated this week in River Crossing, Rappelling, and Rock-climbing Classes.

Senior Drill Instructor MSgt. Hawley teaches the men how to tie a seat harness using just webbing.


The men must be able to tie this seat harness in under two minuets.



Senior Drill Instructor MSgt. Hawley teaches Bravo 1st Squad how to construct a river crossing system using ropes, carabiners, and prusik cords.



ALERT’s 50ft Training Tower off of which the men will do a portion of their ropes training.


The Unit learning how to Rock-climb.


Recruit Sebastian Prins of Foxtrot 2nd Squad prepares to climb the wall.


Recruit Andrew Betz of Foxtrot 2nd after finishing his climb up the wall.


Alpah 1st Squad Practices on a ground Rappel before going off the tower.


Delta 2nd Squad Rappelling off the tower.


Recruit Craig Poulson of Delta 2nd Squad Practices locking off on the Rappelling Wall.


Unit 55 at Morning PT Formation.


2nd Platoon about to traverse the ALERT Obstacle Course



Foxtrot Squad competing in Relay Races.



The Unit was Issued the Basic Training Guidon. This Guidon represents the Unit as a whole as well as bears the streamers of the 54 previous units who have gone before these men.




Recruit Blessing Stewart of Foxtrot Squad 2nd Platoon was chosen to be the Units first guidon bearer. As such he must set an example to the rest of the Unit in conduct and output. He is instructed with the daily bearing and care of the Guidon and must take it with him wherever he goes.



Every Saturday the Unit undergoes Saturday Inspection. This is a rigorous, thorough, and high standard inspection. Perfection is the goal. The Unit must Pass at least of of these infamous inspections before the end of Basic Training.


Charlie 1st Squad waits to be inspected by their Drill Instructor.


Drill Instructor Sgt. Weiss inspects Echo 2nd Squad during inspection.


Drill Instructor Sgt. Weiss inspects Foxtrot 2nd Squad during inspection.



Unit 55 Week Two

Unit 55 in Land Navigation Class with Instructor 1st Lt. Micheal Harman

Nav Class

The men participating in a duo Land Navigation filed exercise.

Nav Class 3



Nav Class 1

Unit 55 Memorizing the Book of 1st Peter. Each man must be able to memorize and recite the entire book of 1st Peter by the end of Basic Training. The men do this by memorizing approximately sixteen verses per week.

RH -1


Unit 55 on their first hike. This hike is known as the “Micro Hike” and is a little less than one mile. It is the first step in the progression of longer hikes to follow.

Micro 5

Finishing the Micro Hike

12939451_10153584304028182_1768307360_n (1)

The next step in the Hike progression is the 3 hour hike. This hike covers approximately 10 miles.

3 Hour 1

The Unit taking a break during the hike to stretch out and refill on water.

Micro 4

Col. John Tanner visiting with the men during one of the breaks on the hike.

Micro Hike 3

Unit 55 PT Test

Unit 55 Partakes in their first Physical Training Test. In order to become ALERT Responders the men must pass this test before the end of Basic Training. They must be able to complete the following: 42 Push-up’s in Two Minuets, 52 Sit-up’s in Two Minuets, and Run Two Miles in 15:54.

PT -3

Recruit Josiah Edwards of Delta 2nd Squad performs his sit-ups.

PT -5

Squad Leaders Grade form to make sure that the men perform the exercises properly


Recruit Nehemiah Owens of Charlie 1st Squad performs his Push-ups.

Pt -2




Unit 55 R-Night

Unit 55 – 33 Men begin the nine week journey to become ALERT Responders

Unit 55 - 3

New Recruit Matthew Wearden of Delta 2nd Squad from Istanbul Turkey.

Paul Wearden -2

Senior Drill Instructor MSgt. Hawley works with new Recruit Stephen Scott of Bravo 1st Squad from Alvin, TX.


Drill Instructor Sgt. Weiss talks to new Recruit Craig Poulsen of Delta 2nd Squad from Three Hills, AB

DI Weiss -2

New Recruit Alexander Pittman of Alpha 1st Squad from Tallahassee, FL


Unit 55 after they have been processed into Basic Training

Gym Floor -2

Captain’s Report | Unit 55

Dear Parents of Unit 55,

It is my pleasure to greet you from the Office of Basic Training here at ALERT! I am grateful for the opportunity to be involved in the young men’s lives of Unit 55. I am Capt. Keon Pendergast and I have had the responsibility and joy to be involved in ALERT Basic Training for the last 12 years.  I have a passion for modeling and challenging men to be men, in a culture that has systematically done all that it can to confuse and denigrate the calling that God has placed in a man— the calling to protect, to provide, to guide the next generation to walk with the Savior, and carry on the things they have learned. I want men to last, to stand strong against the seemingly overwhelming tide of temptation and unfaithfulness that is unfortunately so common today. It is one thing to start well, but a completely different thing to end well. Our goal is to finish well!

The first week of training has gone well. It is always difficult to adjust at first, and there have been a lot of growing pains, but I am very pleased with the overall desire of the men in this group. Basic Training is very difficult, both physically and emotionally. The pressures these men are facing are, for most of them, a completely foreign experience, but as we continue to point to Christ as the source of comfort and strength in time of need, we see a growing comfort level and effort in everything they do.

In Christ,

Capt Pendergast


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