Basic Training is the first of the three dynamic phases of training that are available as tools to help parents prepare their sons for the responsibilities and challenges of Godly manhood.  This initial nine-week training phase begins twice a year, in March and September. It is designed to confront the unhealthy self-focus in a young man and challenge him to maintain a lifestyle of service to others in Christ’s name.

Along with attitude development, Basic Training focuses on developing personal discipline, responsibility, attention to detail, endurance, teamwork, healthy spiritual habits such as scripture reading, meditation and memorization, and outdoor skills such as basic camping, ropes, knots and rope systems, lashing, and land navigation.

The depth and scope of our training has been proven to deepen a man’s walk with the Lord, cause a rapid growth in maturity, and develop the confidence to face up-and-coming significant life challenges. The concepts taught in this phase are foundational to the skills that will be introduced during the second phase of ALERT training.


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Basic Training costs $3,640 with an additional $800 – $1,200 in required gear.

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Maj. Keon Pendergast

Major Keon Pendergast attended the first Basic Training unit back in 1994. He graduated from the program in 1995, and continued for a time on staff. Major Pendergast served in the auto shop at ALERT, traveled the country for two years with the Mobile Outreach Team, and worked as the ALERT Sergeant Major. After he got married he moved off campus for a year until returning to work with Basic Training as the Logistics Officer. Major Pendergast was commissioned as the Basic Training Commanding Officer for Unit 36, and has served as CO since then. He and his wife Corrie have four children.

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