ALERT training focuses on developing each individual in three main areas.

The first is that of personal development. Our teaching, training and counseling are all designed to ensure that ALERT men are anchored in Christ, are fostering in themselves a Christian service attitude, are improving in character development, are learning teamwork, and are developing the ability to endure hardship.

Second, every ALERT man is trained to respond to a wide variety of crisis situations across the United States and around the world, with competence, readiness, and a high degree of skill.

Finally, ALERT’s desire is to prepare men for future responsibilities as citizens, husbands, fathers, and leaders in their churches and communities.

Each phase of training offered at ALERT addresses these areas, beginning with nine weeks of Basic Training. Following Basic, crisis service skills are learned and practiced for eighteen weeks in Emergency Response Training. The final phase, Advanced Training, is primarily dedicated to developing a vocational skill, determined by each man’s individual calling.  Interwoven into all three phases are service projects, emergency responses, and disaster deployments where the men are given opportunities to put into practice what they’ve learned.

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