Red Carpet Day

If you are interested in ALERT, but aren’t sure whether it’s the right fit for you or your son, let us roll out the Red Carpet for you to see the ALERT campus and training facilities first hand. Get all your questions answered, and meet our faculty and Battalion as you watch a unit advance from Basic Training. Read more


There is no other day so anticipated by ALERT men and their parents. From the skills demonstration early in the afternoon, where the men exhibit the capabilities they have acquired, to the moment they reunite with their families after nine challenging weeks, Advancement is an opportunity to commemorate what the men have accomplished in the power of God’s might. Read more


The culmination of nearly a year and a half of training,  Graduation is a time when we are pleased to honor our ALERT men and host their families. Please join us for this special time in your son’s life. Read more


For more information and/or to register for any of these events, please contact Operations at 903-636-2000 ext. 2101 or Guests must register at least ten business days before an event.


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