This could be the most pivotal month of your life!

A Vision for Manhood

Quest helps young men reject the myth of adolescence and encourages them to choose Christ-like manliness; however, the choice alone does not in and of itself result in success. The first step to pursuing Biblical manhood is understanding there is a path that must be taken to get there. Most young men want to be like dad but they just don’t know how to get there from where they are. Quest will present a clear route that a student can follow, with help from his parents, once he returns home.

Practical Life Skills

Many parents struggle to find ways to teach their young men the basic skills needed to meet the challenges of life. Quest provides opportunities for students to get hands-on experience while working alongside mature Christian men. The goal is to instill a desire in every young man to take responsibility at home as a result of the confidence he gains through these projects.

Disciplines for Success

The most important aspect of maturity is a young man’s walk with God, and Quest focuses on developing habits for spiritual growth. Daily devotions, scripture memory and journaling are just a few of the disciplines that will help the Quest student grow closer to Christ.

Introducing Quest Advanced!

Quest graduates can take their spiritual journey to a whole new level with Quest Advanced, as they delve into the Biblical model of what true leadership looks like – being a servant example. This course is run concurrently with Quest and includes classes on Evangelism, Biblical Counseling, Basic Leadership, and new hands-on skills training, along with sports, hiking, canoeing, and rappelling. Ultimately, young men will put what they have learned into practice as they assist Quest Leadership during the final week. Quest Advanced dates are July 15th to August 11th, 2017. Call us learn more about how you can join us next summer!