About Us

Quest exists to help young men as they strive for responsible, Biblical manliness. We seek to cast a vision for manhood and answer the questions guys have about the transition from child to man. Through one-on-one discipleship and group classes, we help young men overcome the struggles holding them back from maturity and teach the skills and knowledge they need in order to succeed in life. Our goal is to be a useful tool for parents seeking to encourage their sons to strive after manly maturity.

Our Mission

God has blessed us with a wonderful training facility at the International ALERT Academy, giving us a broader vision for reaching the hearts of families. Our mission is three-fold:

1. Challenging young men toward God-glorifying manliness.
2. Assisting parents by providing instruction in practical life skills from a Biblical worldview, thereby challenging young men to grow in responsibility.
3. Encouraging young men to develop healthy relationships with Godly role models.

Combining hands-on skill training with live classroom workshops, Quest seeks to instill the sense of responsibility and focus necessary for a Christ-like man. An emphasis on spiritual disciplines and a dedicated leadership team creates an environment conducive to spiritual growth. Scripture memorization, journaling, regular times of Bible study, and prayer are used to build beneficial patterns in a young mans life.

Our History

The first Quest took place in July 2006. Since then, over 650 participants from the US and other countries have attended this summer program, growing in their love for the Lord, forging strong friendships, and learning principles and skills necessary to be a mature man.

Our Statement of Faith

The International ALERT Academy affirms the cardinal doctrines of Scripture that have been defended by historic statements of faith. These include the divine inspiration of Scripture, the deity of Christ, the original sin nature of man, the atonement for sin by Christ’s shed blood, and the justification by faith in Jesus as the Christ.

We also believe that a complete and inspired statement of faith was given by Jesus Christ when He taught precise commands on how to love God and others, and that these commands transcend all cultures, nationalities, religions, and political systems.

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