In STEP we learn that surrendering our lives to the Master Gardener keeps our lives cultivated in His will. But gardening is a continual process. Just like our vegetable garden needs weeding all through the fruit-bearing process, God pulls out weeds in our lives to insure His fruit has the greatest yield.

Here is evidence of fruit in a STEP girl’s life:

The Lord has taught me much through three years at STEP, especially those spent as a leader. These experiences prepared me for the unexpected opportunity to teach English to college students in China last summer. More recently, I found the foundation laid by STEP was useful as I assisted in developing a new business. Lessons learned through leading students and team leaders carry over to the ministry-oriented business world. Teamwork, communication, vision, priorities, multitasking, discipline, and being proactive proved useful in ways I never expected.
Now, as the Lord calls me on to the next steps of my life, I look forward to whatever He will bring next. Though sometimes quite difficult, this faith is one of the most important things God used STEP to work in me – trust in God and His strength no matter what the circumstances. God continues to water and grow this daily, as I seek to do whatever is before me with all my might, as unto the Lord, for His glory!
Amy Hardin
Renton, WA

Are you ready to bear fruit in your life? Allow God to cultivate and challenge you to a deeper relationship with Him by taking the next STEP this year. Training begins May 31st through June 27th, 2008 here in Big Sandy, Texas. Call the office (903) 636-2000, or visit the web site for further information.