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Wishing all our fathers a happy father day. We love you and are grateful for all you do for us.

This past week STEP Advanced moved into the woods for a while and learned about purifying water, building shelters, and survival on the mission field. The week ended with classes on hospitality and public speaking.

STEP Advanced had the privilege of serving in Bastrop, Texas during the beginning of the week. They assisted residents with clean up from some recent flooding, including clearing out sheds, pulling up flooring, moving furniture, and cleaning debris out of yards.

It was a blessing to both the residents and the STEP Advaned ladies. One lady, they assisted, told them that on Sunday night she was feeling God had deserted her. Ten minutes later she receives a call about STEP Advanced helping her out. When they were leaving she said she knew God was with her.

Sharing Christ light is why we go and the STEP Advanced ladies did just that. They were a blessing and encouragement to everyone they worked with.


STEP Advanced has the opportunity to serve the people of Bastrop in flood relief efforts. Pray for them as they travel today and begin work tomorrow! image

This week the Blue Group had morning classes in Canoeing and Water Safety. They learned the proper ways to navigate a canoe and rescue techniques. They also learned life saving skills in case of a water related emergency.




The Red Group had a variety of classes this week. They enjoyed building teamwork through a low ropes course. They also learned basic auto maintenance.

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The Green Group had morning classes in learning basic home repairs including drywall, electrical, and plumbing techniques. The also went on a “stress” hike which helped encourage teamwork and endurance.




In in the afternoons, all of the STEP girls had CPR and First Aid Class.


The STEP Advanced girls learned wilderness and first aid skills. The practiced bandaging up each other and making stretchers out of things found in remote areas.



STEP Advanced had been learning wilderness first aid this week. Amongst other things they have learned is how to build stretchers and splint injuries.

STEP Advanced

The STEP girls are divided into three groups, Red, Blue, and Green. They rotate through classes with their groups. At the same time the STEP program is running we have A second year program, STEP Advanced, for STEP alumni who are interested in further training. image

STEP 2016 is underway! We have 31 STEP students and 11 STEP Advanced students. The girls have hit the ground running this week full force into classes.


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