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So far this week, the green team has been learning navigational skills, Search and Rescue, and Orienteering. 

One of the mornings was spent on the Lower Ropes course (basically an obstacle course) and they had to learn to work as a team as they completed each event.


Within the green team, are two teams

Green one~

Green two~


The most important lesson I’ve learned is to look out for our teammates and work together to help each other.  I learned even more about relying on my teammates today on the low ropes course.  In the first activity, I completed 4/5 of it and by then I was so tired and my hands were raw from the ropes.  I literally couldn’t hang on anymore.  Just when I was about to give up, I cried out to God for help, and He answered my prayer through my teammates. They all worked together to get me off that tire.  It was a very humbling experience, not being able to complete that challenge without help, but I can see that I needed that humility more than physical strength.  God taught me to rely on Him and the people He sends.  I am so grateful for the lessons I’m learning here at STEP-God is clearly at work.-Hannah Green One Team




The last of the 3 color teams is Red.   Week one, for them, has consisted of learning and getting their certification for First Aid/CPR.


Then in the afternoons, they’ve been learning the ends and outs of canoeing. 





And there is always a bit of time for fun as well



Monday morning came quite early for the girls with Physical Training starting at 5:45am.

This week the blue team has been rappelling, and river crossing but they started out by learning ropes and knots Monday morning.


From there they learned how to anchor their rope, put on the equipment, and also practiced rappelling on land.




Monday afternoon they learned about electricity, where it comes from, as well as how to rewire a lamp.

On Tuesday morning they practiced river crossing with their team, putting into practice what they’d been learning

That afternoon, the class consisted of learning all about pipes and plumbing.



Life brings its daily challenges and yesterday the green team learned how to work as a team by taking a hike.

The girls learned that you should always work as a team and make sure you haven’t left anyone behind.


Three girls from the team were then selected to be “blind” which caused them to rely on the people leading them, as well as, making the team work together through the challenge.




It is God who gives us the strength to continue when the way seems difficult or impossible.-Daisy Klassy Green Team age 16

I have been looking forward to coming to STEP for a long time.  I am very excited about the adventure and challenge it offers.  During the course of the month I hope to become better prepared to face the challenges life sends my way.  I know that God will do this and more for me during my time at STEP.-Lauren Woodcock Red Team.



Throughout their time at STEP, each team has the opportunity to go through the ropes and knots course as part of their training. During the course of the week, the girls learn to tie basic knots, rappel correctly off the tower, and cross a river using one rope, multiple carabiners and the beloved Swiss seats. Here is a glimpse into the week of Ropes and Knots.

Day 1- Learning the Ropes- The girls are taught the rudimentary elements of knots and rappelling.

Day 2- River Crossing

The ladies are given one rope, carabiners for each, and webbing to tie their Swiss seats before they cross the ‘river.’

Day 3 – Rappelling

It’s out to the tower for day 3. Girls are taught how to rappel from heights and angles, and how to tie off. Rappelling is a time for the girls to bond as a team as they learn what it means to trust.

The girls have reached the half-way point and are still going strong. 

Navigation involves lots of hiking through trees and bushes in addition to map reading and compass skils.

The girls have the opportunity to become certified in CPR and First Aid.

Step sisters from the blue team. 

The first week of STEP is behind us, and the girls are already learning many important lessons. God is working in the lives of each and every one to draw them closer to Himself. They would like to share with you what He is doing.

“Being in a spiritual ditch, my confidence in Christ was not what it should be. God has been using three things here at STEP to build my confidence:

  1. Physical training makes me depend on God for help.
  2. The spiritual training in God’s Word encourages me.
  3. Genuine Christ-like love is in the people here at STEP.”

~Jennie Cade

“Coming to Advanced STEP I was looking forward to renewing friendships I made last year, and also creating new friendships. I almost forgot how much energy you must have to get you through the day; whether it’s getting up at 5am every morning or making sure you don’t fall behind in saying your verses. It’s hard work with all these things going on (and much more), and it would be very easy to feel stressed and exhausted if it wasn’t for all the time you get to spend with God. At home it’s so hard to spend time with God, but here God is in everything we do! Yes, the personal devotions are great, but it’s the fact that everything we do relates back to God. In Captain Mandreger’s personal safety class it seemed he had a Bible verse for every decision he makes as a captain. That really motivated and inspired me to rely more on God like all of our leaders and class teachers. That’s probably the biggest thing God has been teaching me: to know and trust God in all things, and to have the joy of the Lord.”

~Carrie Osborne

Preparing for the trust fall

The low ropes course builds confidence and encourages teamwork.

The green team members have their compasses ready!